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Voters Beware

Special interests have sent over $32,000 from Minneapolis and St Paul organizations into our rural district to support my opponent and attempting to influence your vote!

With the release of the Campaign Finance Reports, it is now public knowledge that the Altendorf for House Campaign has received ZERO donations in PAC or lobbyists contributions. Meanwhile Jesse Johnson has received over $4000 listed on his MN Campaign Finance Report. Additionally to his own campaign committee, 4 Special Interest PACs are sending (to date and growing) over 32 THOUSAND Dollars to help influence voters in the hopes of getting Jesse elected by sending out mailings (look on your flyers to see who paid for it to be mailed) and digital advertising.

Total contributions from PACs and lobbyists now total over $32,000! However, with the Primary 2 weeks away, it is estimated that number may substantially grow!

This is concerning for many voters in this District for many reasons: * This is a primary election. * This District is a strong Conservative area and not at risk of losing the seat in the general election. * WHY are Special Interest groups from Minneapolis and St. Paul trying to influence your vote…? * How come Altendorf can run and manage a solid Campaign and have hundreds of volunteers, but Jesse needs outside help and financial support...? * What favors are owed in exchange for this high price assistance….?

The VOTERS would like answers…!

VOTE for your grassroots candidate Pam Altendorf at the Primary Election August 9th and send a clear message that we don’t need Minneapolis/St Paul influencing our elections and buying their influence with our candidates!

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