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Letters to the Editor

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Pam's supporters are making their voices heard and writing letters to local paper editors.


Published October 26 - News Record

Thank you, Calvin Peterson! Your personal lifelong relationship with Pam Altendorf stretches beyond a servant's heart. Faith, integrity, relationships, police support, standing strong…that’s what we hear with #AltendorfForHouse. What an uplifting and encouraging message for many who are wavering on the sound of freedom.

💯 Get out to VOTE on Nov 8 💯


Published October 24 - Lake City Graphic

Thanks, Rebecca Diercks! Pam supports MORE FREEDOM, LESS GOVERNMENT. Pam DOES the research. By voting for #AltendorfForHouse, parents will have choices AND the people will have fewer taxes.

🇺🇸 Vote Nov 8 Altendorf For House 🇺🇸


Published October 19 - Todd Ryan

Hey, Todd! Thanks for sharing your personal history of knowing Altendorf For House. We want everyone to know Pam Altendorf’s energy and passion for her District.


Published October 19 - Chip & Peggy Krueger

Thanks for sharing your support for Altendorf For House in a letter to the editor, Chip & Peggy! We ARE grateful for the all-guts & no-glory type of person that Pam Altendorf is!

Vote Altendorf For House on Nov 8!

Ryan Buck talks about Pam's common sense in this letter to the editor.

Kristen Montgomery shares her thoughts on Pam's endorsement by the police association!

Who are your District 20 House, & Senate candidates?

The Republican Eagle printed a great letter reminding us to be independent thinkers!

Good article simply encouraging voters to do their research on candidates.

Thank you News Record for publishing the summary of the LWV Debate and comparing the House of Representatives Candidates!

VOTERS are you doing your research….? WATCH full debate on link below. Pam Altendorf stands for common sense business ideas, transparency and accountability, reducing government and being efficient with our tax dollars, protecting small businesses and farmers from an overreaching government, reducing unnecessary mandates and red tape! In contrast, Pam’s opponents support increasing government, increasing programs, which increases our tax burdens.

November 8th VOTE for the professional business woman with a track record of servant leadership!

Bonnie Lehman from Goodhue is calling attention to Roger Kittelson's history running under a Democratic platform. You can listen to the debate referred to in this letter by clicking HERE.

We have an active community who helps keep us informed and up to date on the issues that affect our community!

Dawn Appel from Lake City is calling attention to a new teacher licensing standard that's coming to Minnesota soon!

Altendorf is a fighter

Read the full article by clicking the link below ⬇️

Altendorf is a national leader

Read the full article by clicking the link below ⬇️

Altendorf is a proven leader

Minnesota Needs Pam

Read the full article by clicking the link below ⬇️

Johnson's absence felt disresptful

History as Democrat

Bonnie Luhman from Goodhue talks about Roger Kittelson's Democratic history.

CRT is coming to MN schools

Dawn Appel from Lake City sheds some light on a new teaching licensing standard that's coming to MN soon!

Check out Altendorf for House Facebook page for even more updates!

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1 Comment

We just say another color glossy campaign card in our mail from Pam's opponent.

We have to wonder if voters actually believe that he can influence all the things the card appears to say he's against. I say appears because if you read the card carefully it's sent out by "Minnersota Coalition of Business Independent Expenditure Committee" in Minneapolis.

I'm told that each of these mailings costs several tens of thousands of dollars. Pam's opponent does NOT promise any of the high sounding things on the fancy card. It's all the fantasy of the lobbying group in Mineapolis that's footing the bill. The card actually reads "...not coordinated or approved by any candidate...." Sometimes in order to get the rea…

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