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MN Education Freedom Act

MN Education Freedom Act is a new bill that I am proud to have signed and that I along with Rep. Steve Drazkowski will work towards education choice and healthy competition in MN. Our bill is similar to the Arizona Education Reform Bill that made AZ the first state to allow tax dollars follow the students and allow parents the right to choose where their tax dollars will go.

It was an exciting and momentous day as I signed my first bill called the Minnesota Education Freedom Act! Pam Altendorf plans on carrying this bill through the House of Representatives, while Steve carries it in the Senate. District 20A can look forward to having two legislators who will listen, research facts and then act to best support and address the concerns of their constituents.

VOTE - Altendorf for House August 9th Primary - and elect a proven leader to get things done in Minnesota.

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Gary Engstrom
Gary Engstrom
Nov 19, 2022

Individual legislators do not "sign" bills, the governor does. They may endorse bills, they may sponsor bills, but they don't sign bills. Correct me if I am wrong. Seem rather presumptuous.

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