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Endorsed by the Child Protection League

Pam Altendorf has demonstrated strong leadership and a deep commitment to protecting children. As a founding leader of the Goodhue/Wabasha Counties Minnesota Patriots, her track record is impressive. Pam displays the enthusiastic energy of the thousands of newly politically active citizens who recognize our state is in trouble. She researches issues, engages with local school district, city, and county leadership, and has effectively brought hundreds of people together to work for positive change. She persistently demonstrates her motto of “Actions speak louder than words.”

Endorsed by Mike Lindell

Mike was looking for America First and Minnesota First candidates to endorse this year. He found out about Pam as a candidate, her business background, and how she has been working for our Christian and Conservative values for the last 15 months.


Pam values Mike as a man of integrity who has been investing his own time, talents, and money into election integrity this last year.

Endorsed by Steve Drazkowski

I got to know Pam Altendorf through her extensive work recalling RW City Council, holding elected officials accountable, and restoring election integrity. After months of observing Pam in the trenches, fighting for our conservative values at the grassroots level, I was pleased to learn that she wanted to extend her pursuits to St. Paul.  You and I can trust that Pam will do what she says – because she has already been doing it as a grassroots leader out in our communities.  Pam Altendorf will make a phenomenal Representative for the people in Cannon Falls, Red Wing, Lake City, Wabasha, Goodhue, and all the rural areas in between.  Pam has 100% of my support and endorsement and I would be honored to have her as a colleague in St. Paul.

Endorsed by Professor David Raney

As a professor of history in Hillsdale, Michigan, I appreciate Pam's devotion to our federal and state constitutions and the precious liberty that they protect. I know that she, like our nation's founders, understands that our republic cannot survive without the citizens' unswerving devotion to virtue and the rule of law. Pam will undoubtedly continue to uphold both and will be a principled voice of reason and common sense in St. Paul. Please join me in supporting her!

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MCCL Endorsement.jpg

Endorsed by MN Citizens Concerned for Life

Pam is proud to be the selected candidate by the MCCL to receive their Endorsement for the MN House 20A race!

Endorsed by the MPPOA

Pam is proud to receive the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers endorsement! Thank you MPPOA! Funding our police, prioritizing public safety and fully supporting police officers as they work in one of the most difficult and most important occupations will always be a top priority to the Altendorf for House campaign!

Police Endorsement.jpg

Endorsed by the National Rifle Association

Pam is honored to be the selected House District 20A endorsed candidate of choice for the National Rifle Association (NRA). We need to elect candidates like Pam who values and will protect our 2nd Amendment Rights to bear arms! The left tries to politicize gun tragedies into making the public afraid of guns. However, the facts are an armed citizenry is the best way to keep crime and gun crime down. Research any City that has strict gun laws and you will find that they also have the highest rates of gun crimes. Criminals do NOT follow the laws. Having “gun free zones” only welcomes in a shooter who is either having mental issues or is high on drugs. Research showed that when criminals know other citizens are likely to be armed that is a deterrent to the shooter. Don’t be emotionally manipulated by the political rhetoric. Examine facts and join me in supporting gun rights in Minnesota!

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Endorsed by the MN Gun Owners

Pam Altendorf is honored to receive the full endorsement from the MN Gun Owners Caucus with an “A” rating!  Our constitutional right to self-protection and to bear arms will always be a top priority to me as your next District 20A House Representative!

Gun Owners Endorsement.jpg
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